January has come and gone and most New Year’s resolutions have probably done the same: come and well, gone. It is no secret that many resolutions revolve around health in a variety of ways. If you have already fallen off the wagon with your resolutions, good news, the year is far from over.

Why do we, as women, make goals or resolutions around being healthier, yet find it so challenging? I think we can all agree that being healthy (for most of us) is hard. We have full time jobs, part-time jobs, run successful companies, are full-time moms, and the list could continue on. Being successful in other areas of our life takes hard work, and being healthy is no different. There is no magic pill or drink, just a commitment to a better you that comes with the commitment to taking steps to get there.

So what steps do we take to be healthier? You know you best, so do what works best for you. Find ways to fit healthy into your lifestyle. Evaluate where you make poor health decisions and find ways to adjust. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.


They take your money and give you mostly empty calories in return. With busy schedules, they are unavoidable at times. Explore your choices and select the healthiest option available. Better yet, make a quick grocery run and buy some healthy snacks and lunches to leave at the office. Saving money and calories is a win-win!


How many times do we hit snooze before getting out of bed? If the answer is three or more, ten of those minutes could be turned into a brisk walk or a quick exercise routine before work.


Use a few minutes of your lunch or coffee breaks to go for a quick walk, walk a flight of stairs or just simply do some stretches. This keeps you moving throughout the day, burns some extra calories and is great for a mental health break.


Find a coworker, family member or friend that has similar health goals as you and hold each other accountable.


Our calendars stay up-to-date with appointments and meetings. Each week, add to your calendar the days you will exercise and what you plan to eat for lunch and dinner to stay focused and on track.


They should give you a return on investment, but you will see no return if you never walk through the doors. Don’t commit to the monthly fee if your budget and schedule don’t allow it. However, gyms are a great way to add exercise to your routine. With a variety of fitness club options, find one that best fits you, your budget, and your busy schedule. Finding a gym on your daily commute makes it easy to stop on your way to or from work.

These are just a few areas to focus on to start living a healthier life. Remember, small steps can turn into big changes; just keep chipping away at your goals. And if you fall off the wagon, just get back on! Stay focused, stay positive, and be the healthier version you want to be.

Post by:

Emily Chance, RN, BSN

Vice President & WellnessPlus Manager at BankPlus