None of us could have imagined the global shift that has taken over in the past few weeks. Between social distancing recommendations and working from home, many of us are spending more time on our devices, providing opportunities for even greater engagement and meaningful connections on social media. The Source reached out to three local “influencers” to get their take on what they’re doing differently during this time.

Nicole Brown | Lelia’s Southern Charm

As we continue to walk through this season of “uncertainty,” as an influencer, I do not want to change how I engage with my followers. This platform is a great way to take a break from the troubles that surround us. I think now more than ever, local businesses need our support, and I’m ready to help keep smiles on faces in any capacity I can. I’m partnering with local stores, such as Sephora Renaissance, to share quick makeup tutorials and my favorite products from the store. I’m still sharing sales from brands, outfit try-ons, and all the things that bring me joy on my IG feed and blog! I hope those that follow my journey are left feeling happy and inspired to keep pressing on!

Laurel Donahoo | The Hive Blog

I have loved having the platform to share what my favorite business are doing to remain socially distanced while still offering their services and making money. The COVID-19 crisis has really upped people’s creativity, which has been fun to watch and help promote! The biggest challenge of ALL has been having children home! I was already used to packing eight hours of work into five while kids were in school. Now I’m trying to pack that into about 1.5 hours during nap/quiet time, which means I’m not able to take as many brand deals or create as much content as I wish I could. I’m doing my best from my small corner of the internet over here to deliver great quality product to the brands I’m working with, doing what I can to promote some small businesses pro bono when it seems right, and hoping that once this crisis comes to a close, we will all have better relationships, more of a heart to help each other, and a strengthened love for our local community!

Brandi Starbuck | A Brand New Day

During this time of uncertainty, my main concern is for my local small business owners. I am focusing on continuing to nurture my relationships with the people who are literally fighting for their livelihood by reaching out to them weekly; just checking on them. I am assisting with local boutiques by sharing social media posts, encouraging my following to shop online and with curbside pick-up, and doing try-ons from my home. I am also offering complimentary Zoom calls to local businesses to enlighten them about influencer marketing and how it can assist them in broadening their reach on a budget. This is not about the money for me – it’s about using my influence to help my community rise above this chaos and become stronger for it.

Thank you, ladies, for sharing with us about how you’re continuing to inspire and empower professional women. We look forward to the time we’re able to network again in person, but until then, let’s continue to utilize social media for its intended purpose: connect with and support one another.