We’re on the cusp of the holiday season. We’ve barely finished the leftover Halloween candy; Christmas trees are already decorated; and we’ll cram Thanksgiving in there along the way for good measure. The prospect of quality time with family, beautiful Christmas decorations, and gifts for everyone we care about sounds like a wonderful idea this early in the season.

Fast forward to mid-December. We’ve blown our Christmas budget, feel obligated to buy gifts for entirely too many people, and are spread thin trying to juggle seeing every side of our family. As women, our self-care often falls to the bottom of our to-do list. This rings especially true during the holidays.

As the holidays start to overtake the ins and outs of everyday life for the next two months, let’s focus on some ways to take care of ourselves.


Going into debt purchasing Christmas gifts will only extend an already-stressful situation and create a problem for 2018. As with any budget, a detailed plan for spending over the next few weeks is key to the survival of your bank account. You’ve undoubtedly heard every trick in the book for shopping sales. We’re not here to tell you how to get your shopping done. We’re here to gently remind you that part of the stress surrounding the holidays is the financial obligation attached to it. Plan ahead and stay steadfast in your plan.


Much of our holiday stress stems from our sense of obligation. Each of our clubs or organizations will have a Christmas party. You throw work, church, and family obligations into the mix and create an exhausting combination.You look up to find there’s barely any free time to pause and actually enjoy the celebration.Staying busy during the holidays can be wonderful and rewarding, but we should stay aware of what exactly is taking up our time. Guard your calendar closely and only agree to the things you enjoy.


There are some people who just don’t like the holidays. It can be an overwhelming or sad time for many. This is when self care is particularly important. Use this time to start planning for 2018. Office life typically slows down as everyone takes time off in November and December. Take a breather and prepare for the next twelve months. Give yourself something to look forward to like an upcoming project you can start planning or a weekend getaway in January.

As women, our self care is vital 365 days a year, but the holidays somehow make it easier to forget this fact. Before the excitement and chaos escalate, take a minute to pause and plan.