Do you struggle to carve out “me” time? And when you finally do make the time, do you find it difficult to be present in the moment? I do.

And then when you finally do carve out time for yourself, do you struggle feeling present because you can’t keep your mind from running through tomorrow’s to-do list? You’re worrying about tomorrow before today is even over..? This is something I most definitely do.

Or maybe, you feel desperately alone. Over the past 2 years, you’ve found yourself more and more in your own thoughts and you just wish you had someone to lean on. A friend. I can relate..

I moved from Memphis to Jackson in February of 2020. Great timing, am I right? Almost as soon as I got settled in, I was shut down. We all were. I felt isolated, alone, and confused, as I’m sure you did as well. I so desperately craved friendship and connection with local, like-minded women, but I wasn’t even allowed the opportunity. As soon as restrictions loosened and people were interacting again, I decided I was going to dive into my new community headfirst. I knew that now more than ever, I couldn’t afford not to. If the pandemic shut down taught me anything, it taught me that we are not meant to do this thing called “life” alone. Relationships, community, and genuine friendships are key ingredients in the recipe of life.

This belief is what led me to create the “Content Event”. I think it’s rare that we stop and soak in the moment and be content with where we are. It’s important to find happiness in the “now”. To be present with the ones you’re with. To really find peace and joy in the moment. So let’s be intentional. Let’s set aside time strictly to be in the “now”. To be happy. To be present. To be content.

Will you join me? The “Content Event” will be held at The Chapel at Livingston on Thursday, December 2nd from 6-8 PM. Your ticket purchase includes:

  • A holiday floral design class taught by Bellini Blooms (you get to take your beautiful arrangement home with you too, of course! Supplies included.)
  • Food provided by Chef Katie Dixon & Birdies Nourished Kitchen
  • Champagne
  • Event photography by Carli Ann Photography
  • A brief lesson surrounding the concept of “being content”
  • 2 hours filled with networking and meeting inspiring women here in our community!


Tickets are $85 & can be purchased here.