January is reputed as the perfect time to get motivated and make a push towards some new goals. Everyone throws around the phrase “clean slate.” Maybe this is true for some, but we can’t help but think there are a few people out there who are having a tough time refocusing after a long, leisurely holiday season.

In reality, this motivation can be tough to accomplish, especially in your professional life. This becomes an even bigger challenge in a leadership position. So, how do you reenergize and motivate our employees or coworkers or even yourself?


 It’s difficult to self-motivate if there is nothing tangible for which to strive. Motivate your team by setting short-term and long-term goals. Don’t just set goals for them. Listen to what they want their own professional goals to be and tie those into the goals of your team or company as a whole. Sometimes all one needs to snap out of a lethargic mindset is something to work towards.


 It can be easy for employees to feel like they’re just a warm body at a desk getting lost in the masses. If they feel like they’re just punching the clock and not being noticed, it’s easy for them to grow complacent or just coast through another year at the same job. Check in with them and let them know you’re paying attention. Ask them how their week is going or how a project is progressing. Help them feel engaged in the company and in the tasks at hand.


 No matter how old we get or what position we hold, we all still respond to rewards and praise. No one is asking for a party every time she does something right, but acknowledgment and praise from supervisors goes a long way in motivating those who work for them. All it takes is a quick email or shout out during a meeting. If your employees know you appreciate the work they’ve done, they’ll feel motivated to work towards the next goals.

Anyone who is going to succeed professionally eventually has to tap into a level of self-motivation. Although every individual’s inspiration and motivation waxes and wanes, a successful professional will eventually push through the days or weeks where they don’t feel particularly motivated. However, as a leader, it is your job to create an environment that fosters motivation. A good supervisor is there to push employees out of their comfort zones and lead them through the times when they aren’t feeling particularly inspired at work.

Before January passes us by, let’s all take time to motivate ourselves and our teams. Your next eleven months will be better because of it. For more resources on motivating a team, click herehere, or here.