We are almost a year into the launch of our network for women, The Source by BankPlus. The last twelve months have been filled with learning opportunities for those running the program. One of our biggest realizations is that professional women are juggling more than we thought and are busier than we imagined. The more educational events we hosted, the more we heard from women who wanted to attend but their schedules simply could not allow it.

If we truly wanted to reach every woman no matter her stage of life or profession, we had to become even more accessible. We know exactly how it feels to only find time for yourself before the rest of your house wakes up, after everyone has gone to bed, or even just on a daily commute. Out of all of this brainstorming, the idea for our newly improved website was born. Here’s what it has to offer:


We’ve compiled some of our favorite podcasts for women and made them available in one easy spot for members of The Source. We’re also working behind the scenes on an original podcast series of our own, The Inside Source. You’ll hear from local business leaders and women of interest on your commute or while you workout – whenever it works for you and your schedule. Keep an eye (and ear!) out for our very first episode with a guest we know you’ll love to hear from!


There’s no reason for disappointment when you aren’t able to sign up for one of our educational events. Our events will now be filmed and available for our members to view on our website. You can watch after you put the kids to bed, between conference calls, or whenever is convenient for you.


You no longer have to attend a networking event in order to network. Use The Source Member Directory. We wanted to give our members the opportunity to support and connect with other professional women. For example, if you’re in need of an accountant, search The Source Directory and find a like-minded professional who is ready to interact and do business with you.


If you are a member of The Source and are also a BankPlus customer, you are now a SourcePlus Member and have even more perks available to you. SourcePlus Members are able to add their businesses to The Source Directory and take advantage of more benefits coming soon, giving you the opportunity of more exposure for your business.

When designing this newly improved website, we wanted a more personalized and exclusive experience for our members. You will now have personalized log in information giving you access to all the perks we’ve already mentioned plus an easy, one-click sign up for educational events. For this reason, many of you who have been loyal members since the beginning will need to re-register as members of The Source. It will only take a few minutes and is definitely worth the effort!

We’re incredibly proud of how far the program has come in a short amount of time and are excited to share this new chapter with you. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings for The Source and all our wonderful members.