Gaye Broyles spent her childhood in Holmes County, Mississippi watching her mother run a small business. Years later, Gaye utilizes that same passion for helping people by assisting countless small businesses across Mississippi become more profitable.

We sat down with Gaye to talk about how small businesses can financially streamline their processes.

Gaye grew up in the rural town of Durant, Mississippi. Her mother was the proud owner of the only men’s clothing store in the county, Killebrew’s Klothes.

“My mother was so good at her job, she could tell a man his suit size the second he walked through the door. She had a passion for helping people, and she was so good at what she did. Watching her run her store was my first experience with small businesses.”

Gaye’s strategy is to look into EVERY part of a company’s financial services to find a way to save them money.

“I refer to it as my fact finding mission. I take every part of a company’s financial statements and dissect it line-by- line.”

With technology constantly changing, there is almost always something available to make a business owner’s life easier, and Gaye leaves no stone unturned.

“As much as I would love to tell you that the solution is the same for every business, it’s not.”

Every company is different. There is no “one size fits all” answer to streamlining financial practices. Size, location, number of employees, bottom line…the list goes on. All of these things combined together make your company unique. Therefore, your plan to streamline your finances is going to be unique.


  • How much are you spending for your merchant card services?
    “I was once able to save a small business $21,000 per month by looking into their merchant card services. They had no idea they could save that much until they actually looked into what they were spending.”
  • Are you working too hard to pay your employees?
    Cutting 100 different checks for 100 different employees at the end of every week is an antiquated method that many small businesses are still holding onto. Banking technologies today allow small businesses to simply press a button and pay their employees, even if some of those employees don’t have bank accounts.
  • Consider outsourcing.
    Are you sending a bookkeeper to multiple banks to deposit a large number of checks? If you’re a business frequently receiving large numbers of checks, there are services that allow you to expedite that process and save you and your employees time and money. We’re living in a time where you mo longer have to have to leave the office to make a deposit.


At the end of the day, Gaye says the most important thing to her is being real and transparent with business owners.

“These businesses are people’s livelihoods. I don’t want to do anything to mess that up. I don’t ever want to sell them something just for the sake of making a sale. If I look into their financials, and they don’t need to change, I’m going to tell them that.”

Gaye Broyles
First Vice President
Commercial Banking Sales Manager
BankPlus | Cash Management Services