Every member of our Advisory Panel has a unique story about how they achieved the success they maintain today. Most, if not all, faced some uphill battles and setbacks along the way. Amy Head, Owner of Amy Head Cosmetics, has an incredible way of taking everything life throws at her, embracing it, and moving forward. She’s not afraid to tell you her success today is because of many doors closing earlier in her career.

Amy is more than just a brand of makeup. She’s used her success as a platform to help others see the beauty in themselves. Whoever coined the phrase “empowered women empower women” was almost certainly thinking of Amy Head. She claims to be an open book, but we’re sure there is something new we can learn about or from Amy.


Amy grew up in New Orleans and then returned to Jackson with her family at age 11. Although she had aspirations of becoming a doctor, she never finished college. She likes to refer to herself as “completely self-taught.” Sign us up for whatever class she’s teaching!


From working in computer services at UMMC to walking away from a deal with Saks Fifth Avenue, she’s proof that the path to success isn’t always a straight line. So, what words of wisdom does she have for professional women?

How do you stay motivated?

AH: I want to always do the right thing for those I love, and myself, which is highly motivating. Keeping this business vibrant is not at all just about me.

What’s your trick to managing personal life vs. work life?

AH: Faith. And understanding the whole of life is not about perfection.

What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

AH: Don’t be afraid of hurdles; just view them differently and more positively. Also, don’t ever fall in love with a deal.


Like so many Mississippi businesses, Amy Head is a family affair. When Amy spoke to The Source last year, her husband Harold was there also helping to support and develop her brand. Their daughter Mackenzie is also on board helping grow what was just a dream. Most importantly, Amy’s family is her support system. When we asked what the favorite item in her office is, Amy was quick to tell us about photos of Mackenzie and Harold that bring her a sense of calm.

Amy’s cool and confident attitude in her journey towards success is why so many people love and respect her, and her willingness to give back to her community and collaborate with The Source is invaluable to our network for professional women.