A retired neonatologist and Director of Mississippi Lactation Services, Dr. Cris Glick has played a huge role in the lives of many women in the Jackson Metro Area and across Mississippi.

The struggle to balance family and career is one of the biggest challenges a professional woman might face. This is where Dr. Glick’s expertise is invaluable. The Source talked to Dr. Glick about her advice for these women as well as her own motivation and personal story.


Dr. Glick practiced neonatology for thirty years until her retirement in 2014. Her newest venture began in 2015 when she opened Mississippi Lactation Services and began helping women navigate a new chapter of their lives.

CG: “I became certified as a lactation consultant in 2008 and became increasingly interested in the vital role of breastfeeding for the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies. I thoroughly enjoy my practice, helping mothers navigate the entire breastfeeding journey through early days to weaning.”

Dr. Glick works side by side with her son as her business manager and her daughter as her administrative director. She considers the successful practice they have grown as a family to be the “crowning achievement of her career”.

Of course, we wanted to know more about Dr. Glick’s motivation as well as her advice for managing personal life with work life. In a field where hours can be unpredictable and the work can be demanding, Dr. Glick is insistent that asking for help is crucial.

CG: “I didn’t learn it very well, but asking for help, both at home and at work [is key]. Trying to do this all alone is impossible! Keeping my eye on a goal has been my motivation throughout my career. Those goals are constantly changing and that’s key to keeping things fresh and exciting.”


Dr. Glick uses her platform to encourage women to support other women in the workplace.

CG: “[This] is critically important for all our careers. Raising families is a part of our professional and personal experience for most women and helping each other navigate this journey is a key component for success, for our career, and for our families.”

Another component of a woman’s support system also needs to be her employer. Dr. Glick continues to advocate for workplace support for breastfeeding space and time.

CG: “Women can feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the early months of motherhood and a receptive workplace environment supporting those needs can go a long way to help women stay in the current workplace.”

Dr. Glick always aims to assure employers and new mothers that these first months do not have to be as time consuming and intrusive as many think. Communication is part of the solution. She recommends mothers discuss their individual needs with their employer, and a solution can usually be found.

When we all work together to support our colleagues who are starting or growing a family, we not only improve our own workplaces, we promote the success of all professional women. Dr. Glick’s advocacy has helped empower and support women all across Mississippi, and we are proud to have her as a contributor to The Source.

For more information on Mississippi Lactation Services visit their website.