We’ve previously discussed the importance of maintaining an active LinkedIn page. A minimal presence is imperative for modern professionals. However, for those who want to take advantage of a larger presence on the site, LinkedIn has much to offer.

Like a lot of things in life, you get what you pay for with LinkedIn. The site offers multiple types of LinkedIn Premium accounts starting at around $25 per month. If you’re like some of us, you’d much rather spend your extra $25 of disposable income on almost anything other than a LinkedIn subscription.

No worries—the site still offers plenty of avenues to advance your LinkedIn participation without a hit to your wallet.


Initially, when you create your LinkedIn page, your public profile URL looks like a whole lot of gibberish. Hidden within the depth of your settings page, there is an option to “edit public profile URL”. This makes your profile look more professional and easier to share on a resume. Instead of www.linkedin.com/in/u4fghtysdf,you can subtly impress by sharing the URL www.linkedin.com/in/janesmith. Trust us — it looks a million times better on a resume.


Profinder is a hidden LinkedIn gem set up much like a dating website for professionals. Project managers are matched with contractors based on each individual’s needs. This is a great tool for copy editors, bloggers, bookkeepers—the possibilities are limitless. LinkedIn drills down to your exact needs and matches you specifically with a professional who offers exactly what you’re looking for and vice versa. Instead of scrolling through a long list of graphic designers, you specify your need for a graphic designer who specializes in websites. You can specify the stage of your project, the length of your project, and when you need it completed. This way, you’re only matched with those who meet your criteria, saving both the freelancer and the project manager time and headache.


Whether you are actively seeking a new job or just open to new opportunities, LinkedIn Jobs is a great tool. The small “jobs” icon at the top of your profile opens up a wide array of opportunities. LinkedIn’s algorithms are constantly suggesting local jobs you’re qualified for. However, sometimes you want to look into other job opportunities without letting your current company know. LinkedIn offers a little-known trick to make this happen. “Open Candidate” is an inconspicuous button you can select in your settings letting recruiters know you’re open to other career opportunities. You can even specify different cities if you’re looking to relocate. The best aspect of this feature is that LinkedIn hides this signal from anyone in your company’s network.


It’s easy to feel like you’re already participating in way too many online groups. However, groups specific to your own experience or interests on LinkedIn can add a lot of value to your experience on the site. You can share experiences, thoughts, or struggles with like-minded groups (e.g. young lawyers, women who work from home, alums of a specific college). These groups can be great resources in instances when you need to bounce some ideas off other professionals, want to share your own professional successes, or just wish to step up your professional networking.

LinkedIn offers a wealth of options to those wanting to delve deeper into the site. These are just a few of the free options that may not be obvious to those who have just been using the site in a minimal capacity. For more suggestions on digging even deeper into LinkedIn, click here.