In an earlier post, we shared some insight from a few of the incredible women on our Advisory Panel. Even in the best of times, we at The Source seek their input and guidance, so was only natural we look to these amazing professionals to see how they’re changing the way they do business during these times of uncertainty and unpredictability. Here’s what a few more had to say:

Mandi Stanley, CSP | Stanley Seminars, LLC

Between answering emails with a dog in my lap and overseeing the seven or eight meals a day my boys have been eating, I’ve shifted the focus of my blog now to help clients and friends make working-from-home work for them. Even with 26 years of having my home as my office, I’ve discovered some fun new tips for productivity as we all shelter in place:

  • Use your oven timer for work projects. That way you can bake banana bread or brownies while you write a report or draft a detailed email. When the timer dings, you’re finished. Everyone’s a winner—and you can reward your hard work with a tasty treat. (The same approach works with your laundry timers—and it’s not as fattening!)
  • Motivate yourself with music. Create a 45-minute work-from-home playlist to match your mood—maybe you need it to pump yourself up or calm down. Take a work break at the end of the playlist.
  • Write down three job-related tasks you will do today and do them first. Make sure these three priorities are the first items you see in the morning. Give yourself plenty of white space—and grace.

Kristen Ley | Founder and Owner | Thimblepress

The main way I’ve changed my business is to really assess what my customers need right now by asking them. Many just want to feel seen, loved, and heard during this time. I’ve developed a free-education webinar series where I tackle issues small businesses and many of my clients are facing right now. With Thimblepress, we’ve really focused on understanding what’s most important to our customers right now. Access is a big thing, and moreover a discount our customers are more privy to shop with us when we offer free shipping, so that has been our focus. We’ve also developed a digital download coloring book product that gives back to our community.

Jan Collins | Executive Director | Madison County Business League & Foundation

Since we can’t host our signature events, the Business League is working diligently to explore new ways to utilize social media to communicate, engage and connect with our members and elected officials to keep them informed of critical and timely information. I feel confident that all businesses will find the silver lining in this pandemic experience by discovering ways to enhance their business models successfully. On a personal note, I’m forced to discover the true identity of my hair color! And, seeing how long I can go without a pedicure.

Thank you to even more inspiring women for sharing their wisdom, experiences, and senses of humor with us. While we all might be in the same boat, we’re in different storms, and it’s helpful to hear from others who are navigating alongside us.