We’ve reached the time of year when we’re supposed to pause and show gratitude for the blessings in our lives. Whether we truly find time to do this in between crazy family gatherings and excess turkey is another matter altogether. In the week leading up to Thanksgiving as you hopefully wrap up some loose ends in the office before a few days off, there’s no better time to pause and specifically reflect on what you’re thankful for professionally.

Some days are easier than others to think of these things. So, we’ll start:


The people you work with can be more like family in a lot of ways, one of those being that sometimes they drive you crazy. Even if your office seems more like an episode of The Office some days, those are the people who you spend the majority of your day with. Despite any quirks they may have, you’re usually a better employee for having been surrounded by their humor, creativity, ingenuity, teamwork, or whatever talents your coworkers bring to the table.


We’re all ultimately employed to overcome challenges. Whatever your profession may be, if it was something a customer could do themselves, they wouldn’t need you or your services. Challenges create our jobs and they keep us employed.

As frustrating as the challenges of our job may be, the challenges are also what make our job interesting, entertaining, and rewarding. The challenges make us better professionals and give us more opportunities to prove ourselves.


It’s easy to make it through the day having just focused on the negative aspects. We hyper focus on what went wrong and lose sight of a lot of good things that probably also took place. Take time to be thankful for the positive things that go unnoticed everyday – the small tasks you check off your list, the effortless relationships you maintain with clients, the flexibility your boss shows you, your salary, your benefits. The list can get pretty long if you truly stop and think about it. Our days are usually more good than bad. The bad is just what grabs our attention and weighs on our minds.

Before you check out of the office for the holidays, pause and take a moment to look around and give thanks for your professional life. We talk constantly about the struggles we run into and the balance we aim to achieve, but we rarely stop to enjoy the ride and give thanks for all we have. Take a deep breath, and be thankful!