During my years of working for BankPlus, I have found the bank is dedicated to empowering its female employees through providing an environment where women feel welcomed, supported in their efforts and rewarded for their talents. The bank values diversity and inclusion by promoting women to leadership positions. Women have an opportunity to share their talents and be acknowledged, and achieve success. The bank’s commitment to inclusion reaches throughout the community to assist women professionals in their quest for success.

Debra McGee

Senior Vice President & Director of Minority Business Development, BankPlus

Having started at the bank over thirty years ago and risen through the ranks to COO, I can personally attest that BankPlus has always been a financial institution committed to the empowerment of women both within the bank and in the communities we serve. As we continue to create new opportunities for the women within our own organization, we hope to share our experience and resources through The Source in an effort to drive economic development in our communities.

Gee Gee Patridge

Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, BankPlus

Having been at the bank for over thirteen years, I have seen how committed BankPlus is to the communities we serve. As CFO I can see from an overall viewpoint how our focus on building stronger communities is an integral part of our strategic initiatives and our day-to-day decision making. Investing in Mississippi business women is another way that BankPlus demonstrates this commitment to the communities we serve.

Ann Southerland

Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, BankPlus

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